Thursday, November 5, 2009

I Feel All Deep and Meaningful

I have had one of those weeks where you feel behind the eight ball. My partner in crime and life is away this week which makes life easier and our number one and only son is easier to feed. I am missing him though and our early morning walk (except the early morning, not missing that) but I am sleeping better (I know I am supposed to be pinning away for him) as there is no-one to squish me in the middle of the night and wake me :)

However, on Monday when I usually have the day at home and do heaps, I had to do a Tai Chi talk on the other side of town (which seems like a long way to me as I rarely go there) at a Community Health Centre. So that was pretty much the whole day gone, not complaining much though as I really enjoy doing it. I get to talk about something I love, I get people involved to see if they might like it, I get to meet new and interesting people and they gave me a cup of tea and homemade cake after.

We got to talking about homemade cooking and about all the preservatives and additives in processed food and what it does to your body. These things affect young and old alike, maybe in different ways but still, cant be good. Even natural things can have a detrimental affect, my partner in crime and life has arthritis in his hands and has been on anti-inflammatory tablets for a while now. His hands would still play up and if he missed a day they would really hurt, however I have now banned him from tomatoes, eggplants (nightshade veges) and oranges (which he loves). Now if he misses taking his tablets a day it is all fine, who knew, just got to try these things.

Anyway, point is, home cooking is good, we know what goes into it, can control what goes into it and if is is bad for us we can find out as we know what is in it. We are lucky in that apart from my classes I am at home and so can make our own bread,cakes and biscuits and can have our dinner going early (when I am organised, must have a menu plan, must DO a menu plan). I don't know how people with families cope not having one partner at home, most people I know who are working say they don't. They are tired, they have to pay someone to clean, pay someone to look after the kids, don't get enough time as a family and eat late (my two would die of starvation if we ate late).

Some make it work well, but I don't think I could, one lady I spoke to the other day said her family sits down to eat about 9pm (wow), I am thinking about going to bed at that time and certainly couldn't do the dishes (kitchen closes at 7pm at our house). Anyway, I think we are lucky.

It is amazing the things that come up in conversation and I enjoy listening to the different opinions and experiences of people. You can learn a lot, speaking of which, one of the things that came up today in my class is the the lessons learned from others. I believe that people come into you life for a reason and it no coincidence, it might not be obvious what that reason is but there is one. We all learn from one another regardless of the different personalities, backgrounds, cultures etc it is what makes us interesting to others.

I know from teaching Tai Chi that I have learned a lot from the people that come to my classes. I have certainly learnt more about Tai Chi (I am sure they like asking curly questions), but also about people and myself, and the amount of wisdom gathered together in one room, there is always someone who knows. These people are my friends and I value the things they teach me and the knowledge they have and are willing to share, we all benefit from each other, we are together for more than just Tai Chi. That is my opinion anyway.

Enough of the deep and meaningful, much get on with getting ready for our visitor (who arriving tomorrow) must at least look like the house is usually tidy (I can pretend really well). I know we are going to have a very enjoyable five days even though they say it is going to rain, who cares, we haven't seen our friend for about ten years so regardless, it was always going to fun.


  1. I hope you enjoy your visit. Yep, no matter how much we love our men, there's something to be said for NOT copping an elbow between the eyes at least once per night, huh?

  2. Thanks, we did enjoy our visit very much.