Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Special Things

And didn't we have a good time. Our friend from Adelaide arrived and we barely stopped talking till he left, he was also probably the easiest guest we've had.

We took him into our local markets so he could get mangoes as the ones on our tree aren't ready yet, and we also bought him mangosteens to try (very yum),he actually had new experiences while here. He ate green ants out of our yard which are good if you have a sore throat, and while I personally haven't tried them (I think only in a survival situation)they apparently taste like lime.

On Sunday we took him up the mountains and of course it rained, not just rained really but poured, the one day it was shocking weather, at least it wasn't cold. We even managed to part the clouds on the way down so he could take photos from the lookout, kind of anyway. In the afternoon, my partner in crime and life took him into his workplace to show him around as they work in the same industry.

On Monday we took him to lunch at the boat club and it is a great place to spend some time, views of the ocean and the boat marina, a nice lunch and a great atmosphere makes you want to just stay. We even took our number one and only son out of school for the day so he could come with us.

After not seeing him for about ten years we picked up where we left off and that was great. My partner in crime and life and our visitor realised they still have so much in common, work in the same industry, like to be early, still like leather work (even though neither do any at the moment and both have all the tools which co-incidentally both got at garage sales). In some areas, their lives kind of parallel, bizarre really, bit twilight zone, except for the moustache.

He has the best moustache and always getting comments, he has travelled overseas and people take photos of him and with him. Even while here, he had comments and one lady we met up the mountains told me to tell him that she just LOVED his moustache.

Anyway, all good things must come to an end, and I think that is what makes them all that special, that they are not every day so we enjoy them all the more. So now I have to turn my attention back to every day life, washing, gardening, Tai Chi classes, all those things that make life full.

By the way, we are going to Adelaide for our friends' 50th Birthday in January 2011 and we are so looking forward to it. We got an email this morning to say our friend arrived home safe, is probably telling tall stories to his wife (as she probably won't believe he behaved so he is making up wild stuff) and that it is 455 sleeps till we visit them :)

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