Wednesday, November 25, 2009

We are starting to get a bit of rain now, just enough that I am going to have to start mowing more often, but only when the flame tree finishes losing its leaves. It is making a huge mess, so when it is done I really need to make an effort.

Just when we thought we have to start wearing our sunglasses at 5.30am, as it has been so bright, the clouds roll in and we get these lovely mornings. It was not too hot, it rained a little (which the dog hates) and the sunrise was only grey, no colour, but I still find it pretty. This is the time of the year when the weather gets interesting.

I have finally finished my two coat hangers, I have been so slack, yet they are only long rectangles, I knitted one and crocheted the other and even though I am a crocheter I think I prefer the knitted one. I have done very little craft and I want to (in my head) but just haven't, so (once again) I am determined to do more.

We are starting to get quite a few mangoes now, though we are losing a lot to the bats. Our number one and only son and myself have a bowl of fruit most mornings and so can now include mangoes, once they have ripened that is, and they are yummy. We also must really go and get down our bunch of bananas before we lose them, job for my partner in crime and life this afternoon I think (I can't reach them).

Well, must go and do some painting now but I think maybe another cup of tea first, or a pot :)

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