Monday, November 23, 2009

Once again on a Monday I am multitasking, I am currently making bread, washing clothes, writing my blog and trying to eat breakfast. Unfortunately the dishes won't do themselves and we don't have a dishwasher, also the floors also won't sweep themselves nor the beds get made alone.

We have been away for a lot of the weekend at a work Christmas party which was an overnighter. We had a lot of fun and our number one and only son spent lots of time watching the large plasma TV in his room, watching the TV from his bath and enjoying the all you can eat buffet that night and for breakfast the next morning. He wishes his stomach was bigger to fit in more of the yummy food.

However, I am now playing catch up as no work clothes got washed or any other clothes, no bread got made for lunches so I am doing it now. In saying that though, that is really how we have organised our life. I do most of the housework and gardening, grocery shopping and other running around so we can spend time together as a family do the things we want to do. Next weekend will busy too the same as we have a BMX carnival all weekend.

It came up in conversation once, with a dad whose wife had recently gone back to work full time and one of the things he hated doing on a weekend was the grocery shopping. It took up a good half a day of the weekend (by the time they got there, shopped, went home and put everything away) and he couldn't plan anything else. If she had to shop so did he, as they were both working, unfortunately so did the kids and I don't think they liked it much either. I know our number one and only son hates shopping and trys to get out of it during school holidays, but I have decided that occasionally I can have company in misery so he has to come too. So we are lucky in that we don't have to spend time on the weekend doing things like that and can instead go kyaking or BMXing without feeling guilty.

We have started painting the house, wow, what a difference that makes. I have always hated the dirty yellow colour the house was when we bought it, and it has taken all this time to do something about it. It looks so clean now, so while we are in the process of doing this we are also sorting out stuff to get rid of, and just a general tidy up that you only do every now and again. Things like throwing out the solar lights in the garden that no longer work, putting the gardening stuff into the shed where it belongs instead of in the outdoor area, and binning the old fish tank that no longer worked but thought we might use it for something (not sure what but something).

It feels good to have a declutter, it gives you more space when you thought you needed more cupboards, it makes things clean and everything looks great. There is also less places for cockroaches (which are coming out a bit now with the warm weather and I have had to put down baits), spiders, mice (which we get from time to time) and other crawlies, however as a twelve year old, our number one and only son will just say yeah yeah and continue on his merry way with stuff all over his room. Oh well, such is life.

Best get on now, washing to hang, bread to knead, floors to sweep, dishes to do, walls to paint, busy busy busy and when these things are done, then I can go out and do exciting things on the weekend (and they are exciting because we don't do them every day). I guess that is why everything else seems ordinary :)

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