Monday, November 16, 2009

As I sit here typing away I am washing the clothes, making bread and yogurt, growing sprouts and planning the rest of the day. They say you should be multiskilled and be able to do more than one thing at a time, but at least these things take care of themselves once I have them under way, I believe you should only think of, and only do one thing at a time otherwise you get flustered (hard to do in our fastpaced lifewith with everyone expecting more). I just like the non-guilty feeling I get when I stop for a cup of tea knowing stuff is going on without me :)

This is my sprouting tray, it actually has three levels. It was a Christmas gift last year from my partner in crime and life (made sure I was very specific about what I wanted so I would get it) :)

My partner in crime and life turned 42 years yesterday, luckily he didn't have to work, well not at his workplace anyway. We did take a trailer load of palm fronds and other garden material to the tip, the council had their once a year, one week only deal to take garden material to the tip for free. I am sure I remember when they didn't charge for this at all, all year, then I am sure it was for a month now we have week. If they want people to clean up for the cyclone season, I really think they need more than a week.

Not only did we take palms to the tip but my partner in crime and life cut down a small tree out the front, good thing gone. Also a lesson learned for him is to wear shoes while doing these things, he never wears shoes and so he nearly trod on a snake, which turned out to be dead, and then he thought he accidently killed it, but on closer inspection it had eaten a cane toad poor thing. Don't want to eat those, they make the dog froth at the mouth.

We also took our new kayaks out, we just went to the creek up the road so took about two minutes to get there. They are great, can't wait to get a third one so we can all go out together. My shoulders are sore this morning and my right leg? Can't figure that one out, oh and my fingers too.

I have to show off my new bed cover, I try to only buy useful things (I think I do anyway) with the exception of books (my biggest weakness) but I really wanted this, it is pretty only and serves no other purpose. It is like in the good old days when we had bed covers on the top and it tucked in over the pillow. We obviously have more than one pillow under there, it does tidy it up and looks great. It has elephants on it, I love it :)

So that got me thinking (at 2am this morning, shouldn't think at that time) about something I read in a book over the weekend about having layers on the bed. Instead of having one doona, we should have a few layers of woollen blankets, that way we can regulate our temperature. If we are a bit warm can take off one layer or two or a bit cold do the reverse, rather than only having one layer and it is either on or off. We have a summer blanket and warmer blanket, and also one I crocheted and is only wide enough for one, but is lovely and warm when needed (by me).

I hadn't thought about it, but I do use the layers and having only one layer wouldn't suit me at all as sometimes I only need a light blanket, other times I need all of them (all in one night). Our number one and only son is the same, he has three blankets on his bed and regulates his temperature with his layers. It all makes perfect sense now :)

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