Friday, November 13, 2009

It Is Never Too Late

Well, I have decided that I am going to enjoy being out of routine for just a few more days and start fresh next week. Can't start halfway through a week, nothing will be balanced, it is like, we have only three people living in the house but four towel rails in the bathroom and four towels, three is uneven. That is my theory and I am sticking to it :)

A few other things have happened this week aside from our visitor (did I mention we had a great time?), our number one and only son had to boil an egg, draw a face on it, put clothes on it, give it a birth certificate and carry it around all week. He wasn't really clear on the reason for it, but we are assuming he knows even if he is being a 12 year old and not being forthcoming with information. So four eggs later (we had to eat the first three as they cracked) we have Eggbert, his clothes (a hat and a round shirt thing) were cut out of an old sock (I knew it was a good idea to have a rag bag, even though there is no bag at the moment just a pile of old clothes to be used as cleaning clothes).

There have been some funny stories of the destruction of some of these eggs, one kid wanted to test the theory that you couldn't smash an egg if you squashed it from the ends. Regardless of how he did it, it smashed, another kid was throwing his up and down and catching it, of course one time he missed. I think some of the girls had fancy baskets to carry their eggs in but our number one and only son had a yellow plastic cup. Oh, and another kid kept his egg in a takeaway container with some padding on the bottom and a lid, but one time he put the lid on it squished his egg flat :) so hilarious.

The other thing we have done is go to a sale at the camping shop and bought two kayaks. This is going to be our new thing. We are going to get another one later, we got two as we saved so much money, what we paid for the two and paddles, we would have paid for one and the paddle at full price or close to, so we are very happy.

We are going to be giving away BMX next year and selling all our gear, the men have been racing for five years and I have been racing for three. We feel it has run it's course and it is time to move on and try other things, we will still be doing the Christmas Carnival and we will see how we go into the new year. However all enthusiasm has gone and as we work as a family it is catching (the lack of enthusiasm), it is hard to drag anyone out so the one who wants to go ends up not going nor having any enthusiasm either. We also get our Friday nights back, and not being committed to anything at any particular time, it will be nice to do things in our time for a while.

In saying all that, we have loved BMX racing, I have learnt lots of new skills and done things I am afraid of (those jumps are pretty big up close you know) and life is so short you just have to try things. We have met some great people and had lots of fun racing, certainly never thought I would do anything like that, especially seeing I didn't start till I was 38years, it is never to late to start anything.

So hopefully on Sunday we will get out on the water to try out our new kayaks, and hopefully I won't fall out :)

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