Thursday, November 19, 2009

Building and Painting

Busy times coming up to Christmas, this week certainly has been. We have had a school presentation night (two hours) and worth it as our number one and only son got an award. It was an academic award for Health and Physical Education and he was very proud as are we.

Over the weekend I had to go to Bunnings to buy some paint and while there attended one of their workshops. I had never done that before but found it was well worthwhile, I made a go-cart, who knew I had it in me? They did give us lots of help and it has now been partially painted, and it was free.

I do like to learn new skills, even if I don't become very good I like to give it a go and to gain a bit of knowledge along the way. Not everything is for everyone but I find lots of things interesting and at least try, I do like the practical skills and being able to achieve and have something to show for my efforts, like a go-cart. I am thinking it will be useful to cart my gardening stuff around the yard, might have to add a back onto it though.

Talking of practical stuff, I have started painting the house, have only done one coat on a small corner but it is a start. It desperately needs doing and haven't started till now as my partner in crime and life was worried I would paint the house purple and orange or some such thing (in all fairness, I did consider purple but we may be selling this year so thought that white would be best) :)

So, off to do a Tai Chi class with my lovely ladies (and occasionally men), I never know what will come up in conversation, some things very thought provoking and some hilarious, but always interesting. Every class is different, some go well, some not so much but I always try and improve if I am not happy with the way things have gone, I don't like that feeling at all. I guess though, that those are the things that make us continually strive to improve (I do lots of striving).

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