Thursday, November 26, 2009

The rain is coming down today, the dog doesn't want to leave the house and I always feel like cooking when it is raining. I have no Tai Chi class today as the hall got booked out for the week so a local theatre company could rehearse, so we gave up our slot for them. So I was going to do more painting, and probably will. And I don't know how the BMX track will be on the weekend for the Christmas Carnival, guess it depends on how much more rain we get and how damaged the track gets.

We went to the school Christmas concert last night and it was very good, a lot of kids out there can play instruments very well. Our number one and only son did a guitar solo, he played Silent Night and was very good, we were very proud, takes a lot of courage to get up and play alone in front of people. He is the shadowy figure in the background of the photo, obviously I didn't have control of the camera :)

It was a lovely evening, not all Christmas carols, mostly groups, only a couple of solo performances, and the church they held it at is really nice. Our number one and only son cooked a cake (from scratch) to take to contribute to the supper afterwards, it was yum too. However I think it was the only homemade thing there apart from cut up cheese, all the rest was packets of chips, bought biscuits and buns and believe it or not KFC (the mashed potato and coleslaw), I am not sure what people were supposed to do with that, I think as a dip?

My family are all pumpkined out for the year and I still have three small pumpkins left from my garden. My partner in crime and life eats it because I tell him to, our number one and only son refuses to, and I love pumpkin so I have no problems with it. So seeing pumpkin eating in our house is on the decline I need to use up the last of it, so I think I will make a pumpkin fruit cake or two (or three) and make other pumpkin things, at least they are not huge ones.

It looks like the rain has cleared a bit for the moment so I had better think about some painting.

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