Monday, June 21, 2010

Fourteen degrees here this morning, a bit chilly and cold enough to light the fire for a bit this morning. I hope it doesn't get much colder as winter goes along, this is enough :)

Well, I have managed to get the next garden finished, well nearly. I just have to get some more dirt today and that row will be done.

I did realise that I am not very tough, and after unloading the blocks had to have a rest, and the next morning my shoulders were sore.

And then I had to unload the dirt, which I did over a couple of days. You can't rush these things :P

When we went into town we bought beetroot, carrots, cabbage and celery to plant in the new garden beds and also some corn which will go in the last bed when the dirt goes in. Hope it all grows, we really are just experimenting this first year as we figure out the difference in the climate between the mountains and the coast. The theory is that everything will grow :)

But it all looks good and the wind breaks seem to be working.

I will now put some wind breaks on a couple of the fruit trees, the first one being the Indian Guava, which doesn't look too good at the moment. I am hoping it is just because it is winter or the wind.

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