Tuesday, June 15, 2010

We finally have our fire, and what a difference it makes. To be able to just take the chill off the air is great and I am really looking forward to being able to crank it right up.

Getting the stove home was easy, getting it off the truck was the hard bit. It is very heavy and required some thought about how to get it out of the truck and onto the ground without letting gravity do too much of the work. We had to back the truck onto the veranda and right up to the door.

We had to make sure that the place we were going to put it was really the place it should be.

And then we had to cut a hole in the roof, of course making sure it was precisely over the stove, no mistakes :p

Put the flue in and align it all and hope it fits together. My partner in crime and life spent some time on the roof and I went up too just to give a hand.

Just making sure there will be no leaks.

Now, the moment of truth, did we put it in correctly? And will the smoke go out the chimney or into the house?

Amazingly, all went to plan, or was there a plan? I am not sure, we may have winged it more than planned it :)

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