Wednesday, June 16, 2010

We had a busy weekend and apart from putting in our fire, our number one and only son turned 13 years old on the 13th.

We actually had the day at home on his birthday, which is when we put in the fire, but on the Monday (which was a public holiday) we took our number one and only son and his friends bowling. I took some very fuzzy photos with my mobile :) They all enjoyed themselves but we discovered that teenage boys lose their brains, and when we walked up to McDonalds to get them all something to eat the boys ran wild. It was only the two girls that were there, that were sensible. I wonder when boys get their brains back?

When we were putting in the fire, I took some photos from the roof of the shed. The property looks quite good from up high so I took quite a few pictures, particularly seeing we don't get up on the roof that often.

Also, the block looks way bigger, and at least everything is nicely mowed.

Yesterday was Elders Abuse Awareness Day, and my Tai Chi classes were asked to do a demonstration for the event. Only six of us were able to turn up, but I think we did a good job, and then we got a cuppa and cake afterwards.

There was more people there than we thought be around on a Tuesday morning, but everyone put their nerves to the side and focused.

Everyone in my classes are great, and I am really proud that they will come out and show others what they can do :))

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