Friday, June 11, 2010

I decided that I could no longer stand the vegetable wasteland that is my garden and have bought some seedlings. Waiting for seeds to grow into something that resembles something that could be eaten is tiring, I have lots of little green sprouts and what I haven’t nearly (unintentionally) killed and mutilated, is just plain slow in growing :(

So I have put in Basil, Rocket, some Asian greens but not sure what they are, a variety of cucumbers and lettuce, the type that are continually harvested including Asian lettuce. So all the things that we eat and will keep on keeping on, providing the cold doesn’t get them, I am really out of my element with the change in climate that came with the move.

It looks like the cold has settled in and we are consistently getting 12 to 13 degrees every morning. Our shed is very cold as we have a lot of gaps, like above the roller doors, so we are going to do our best to get a pot belly or some such thing this weekend.

With the cold mornings, I am starting to wonder if my garden needs to be covered at night with some shade cloth just to protect all the little plants that already have enough to contend with as I try to make them grow but instead overdo the love :)

One advantage to the cold weather is the fact that I now know that we have millions of spiders on the block as I see the webs every morning. If I had ever thought that I should walk around barefooted, I definitely wouldn’t now. Not only are there spiders in the trees, but they are all over the ground, building very tough thick little webs, so you know they are there even if you don’t actually see the spider.

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