Monday, June 7, 2010

It is 12 degrees here this morning, I can hardly feel my fingers and I really think this is the week that we go buy our fire. I don't care how much rearranging of furniture goes on to fit it in, and I know there are places that are colder, but we live in the tropics for goodness sake, 12 degrees is silly :P

My mum has sent me some photos that she took while here, so thought I would post them as they are very good. This first one is of the snake that was in our roof that the dog hated, and we thought was cute and named Buttons. Buttons has now moved on, however I am sure that some of his relatives will be around sometime, but if they are looking for somewhere warm to be they are out of luck :)

Buttons seemed to quite like popping his head out and over to have a look at what we were doing.

These next photos are of the dam, very pretty aren't they? As you can see, we have more purple flowers than pink but that is OK as purple is one of my favourite colours from when I was a little girl (that is probably way more information than is required).

So at the moment the dam is just covered, it is very pretty.

And there are many interesting things to see.

We had a busy weekend, our number one and only son had a friend stay overnight, and they had a lovely time freezing in the tent (it really wasn't any warmer inside so it didn't matter). They had a great time around the fire, probably ate a million toasted marshmallows before eating a great meal that was cooked on the fire.

The same night, someone up the road hit the dog from next door while riding a motorbike, so there was people all over looking for the dog, organising the ambulance for the rider and, we also believe the police arrived. The dog turned up, not too bad, in the middle of the night and the rider had some minor (I think) injuries.

While they were doing all this, someone also ran over our letterbox and snapped it off at the base, so my very clever partner in crime and life has cobbled it back together. Though this morning when I drove past it looked like it was taped together, so I had better go and have a better look at it, but most importantly, we can still get mail.

Who knew that so much could go on in a very small community? We really need to move somewhere more isolated and quiet, moving just out of town and out of suburbia obviously wasn't quite far enough :P

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