Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Another cold morning this morning, 13 degrees, definitely going to buy a fire this week. It is only the beginning of June, so I don't know how cold it will be in July or August.

The sun isn't hitting the shed till about eight in the morning, so it is still cold inside until then. Once the sun is on the door, I then open it up and let the sun in to warm us up and the dog just moves into the sun to warm up too.

I have one little strawberry on one of my plants, and some flowers on others. They are surviving so I think I will make an entire garden bed for strawberries, it would be lovely to have lots of fresh strawberries.

My garden is still kind of bare and I think that I will buy some seedlings as it is all going too slow and I seem to kill the seedlings when very little. Also something has been poking holes in the dirt and getting the seeds out, so nothing is coming up in those spots.

However, despite this there are some things flowering.

Including the marigolds which are going very well and are of course very pretty. Some of the natives are also flowering and the dam looks wonderful.

I really do need to make more gardens as I have more things to plant, but we are just not finding the time. I need my partner in crime and life to come with me in his truck to buy the blocks, though I can manage to get the dirt and mulch alone, I do need the blocks first. So we will find time, sometime :)

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