Saturday, December 19, 2009

We have started our decluttering so we don't have to take as much stuff up the hill with us, perfect opportunity to get rid of the stuff we just couldn't be bothered doing anything about.

So, I have chucked the broken solar lights (note to self: buy only really good solar lights next time)thrown away my cherished fishing stool which I broke while painting out the front, gone through my clothes, our number one and only son went through his and I am not sure I shouldn't have been there.

I have dedicated a shelf in the kitchen of for things to get rid of there, we don't have a big kitchen here but things can still be culled. But it is weird the things that can be kept, like the egg separator. I only use it when I make my mayonnaise but it is so handy, oh, I also use it when I make ice cream :) But really, it looks quite useless and I can do without it but I choose not to.

So what to take and what to leave, a lot of my plants will come with us, like the chives, kang kong, betel leaf, sweet leaf, some sweet potato, stevia, and I am collecting seeds from basil, rosella and pigeon pea. I am sure there is more like aloe vera, I will just go around the garden an find them all. And a friend has also offered any cuttings form her garden which is lovely and I will take her up on that :)


  1. What exactly dor you mean by "sweet leaf"? I use SweetLeaf stevia!

  2. Hi Yodasmith, sweet leaf is different to stevia. Sweet leaf is a tall plant and doesn't taste of much but used as a salad green and it grows like crazy.

    According to my book "How Can I Use Herbs In My Daily Life?" it is one of the most popular leaf veges in India and Malaysia. Has vitamin A,B, B1, B2 and C has fibre and protien and says it tastes like peas. Use leaves in salads, curries,omlettes, sandwiches, stir fries and others.

    Hopes this helps, it is a really easy plant to grow and just pops up by itself.