Thursday, December 10, 2009

We have just had our final week of Tai Chi and today had our Christmas lunch, everyone brought yummy food to share and we had a lovely time doing Tai Chi and eating. A few of them gave me gifts which was lovely, but the gift I get from them all the time is the gift of having great people around me that are like-minded, they are genuine, self-less and great friends, I really couldn't ask for more in the people that I have in my life. I do consider myself very lucky, as all I wanted was to have a couple of classes with people I enjoy being with, teaching Tai Chi, and I got exactly what I asked for and don't want more :)

I managed to get the pumpkin fruit cake and White Christmas wrapped and made sure I reminded them to open them or the dog will eat it :) My partner in crime and life helped me by putting the curling ribbon on, and we still had some cake left over for us.

We think we have found the property that ticks all the boxes, plus it has to be close enough for work, school and Tai Chi (which it is) and it is flat and cleared so I can have people up to do Tai Chi (though I think the best spot is where the imaginary house is). My partner in crime is already talking about the chooks we will have and "where do we put the chook shed?" and what sort of chook shed, well we are not there yet and we have to be friendly with the neighbours so they will look after chooks when we are away, but this is getting way way ahead of ourselves.

Of course because I watered the garden yesterday, it rained today, I had been putting it off because it looked like rain, or felt like it, and it didn't, so I watered. So typical isn't it?

At the moment I have so many things open on the computer I can't keep track of it, I keep thinking of things and so open another page, or need to send email or need to check something or (like at the moment) need to download from my phone. What did we ever do without technology, human contact is good but being able to whizz off an email to someone is great, to instantly send them photos or just to say I am thinking of you even though I might not have time right now to be with you. I don't understand people who don't use use this technology to enhance their lives, of course it could take over as it sometimes threatens to do here, some homes are like gadget heaven. However I like it, makes our lives easier and as long as you are in control of it (not the other way around) and still get out and be with people it is fine. That is my opinion and I am sticking with it so don't ask me to give up my stuff :)

Seeing that I am raving about all sorts of things today I had better put in about our BMX trophies. Our number one and only son got a lovely glass trophy, it was an incentive award and it is good that they give encouragement to all the kids not just the ones that always win. In saying that, they also do that for the adults so I ended up with two beer mugs, one for my cruiser class and one for my 20inch class. Last year I got second place and only ended up with a stubby cooler which I wrote on so I wouldn't forget what I got it for, bit disappointing seeing it was a one off thing, but now I have beer mugs. I know, I shouldn't think about these things and I don't in the big scheme of things but well.... OK, I have no excuses, I just want a nice trophy seeing they are giving them out :p


  1. Hey Katherine, found your blog ! and love your title ! Well, from a students point of view,another great year of Tai Chi! We've had a tuff family year here but I've found just going to class (not even getting it right) saves my soul and gets things going, and anyway I did'nt know you were such a TROPHIE CHIC ! GO GIRL!
    With love R

  2. I am so glad that it has helped, I love the way that everyone supports each other and we can have a cry and also a good laugh and it's OK to do that. A few this year have had a tough time and I am glad that there has been somewhere for people to come and have time out and be with friends for a bit.