Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hasn't summer hit with a vengeance, it is so hot we have been putting on the air conditioner, the humidity has kicked up a notch too. Our thermometer is telling us it is very hot.

We are currently looking for some acreage up the mountain and are going to look at a place on the weekend, from the road it looks good, from the internet photos it looks good so we'll go and check it out. If we move up there, the summers will be a bit better, the temperature drops a bit as you go up.

When we first got married we had a dream (but no money)to live self sufficiently on a large property, in a cabin, somewhere away from the rat race. Finally twenty years later we are in a position to do something about the dream, though the dream has slightly changed. I want electricity, water and my computer, love technology, twenty years ago technology didn't really come into the equation (don't think there was technology back then)and being completely self sufficient is hard work and I am tired now :) I like (actually love) my creature comforts and now have no intention of giving them up, I think when you have no money and no technology the dream is simpler (mainly as there is no money). Now I want it all, not asking too much is it? :)

If this is THE place, I am really looking forward to living in a shed. Admittedly it will be a bit cramped and we will need another shed for our stuff and eventually we will build a house (if there is any money left). The place we are going to look at has a shed that has been made liveable ie one bedroom, bathroom, laundry, kitchen lounge room and of course it has electricity (yay), phone and internet, biocycle greywater system, irrigation, dam, rainwater tank at the back of the shed, solar hot water, bore. It is in a little green valley, no through traffic, is 5 acres and sounds great, half the hard work is done (except the house) and we can live there now.

This may not be the place but it might be, it is everything we are looking for and what it is lacking, over time can be put in place. I really hope it is as good as it sounds, if not we keep looking, but I think it might be.

So with all this happening, it is time to fix our current house (which we love)so that is why I am painting and have made long list of things to do to make the house marketable. Mind you, within about six houses either side of us there are five houses for sale, I don't' think that is a good look but by the time we get around to selling hopefully they will be sold.

On Monday I am going to a funeral, one of the ladies in my Tai Chi class lost her husband last week so I am going to the funeral. Not much more I can say on that except it is very sad, I didn't know him but she is a lovely lady and I am very sad for her.

Off to do some more research on selling our home privately, and best get on with more painting or some such thing, something off the LIST :)

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