Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas is Nearly Here

In my wanderings around the internet I have started frequenting a blog called "The Survival Mum", I think she may be a bit like me as she also stays awake a night thinking about stuff and making lists.

However, yesterdays blog is called "The 12 Days of Christmas: Day 1, A New Craft for Your Kids" about teaching your kids stuff over the holidays so they don't get bored. This got me thinking about what I am going to do to keep our number one and only son occupied, without having to do all the entertaining.

I was thinking things like helping me paint the house, sort through his clothes and get rid of the ones that no longer fit, get rid of toys that he is too old for that sort of thing. I know, doesn't sound very exciting but these things need doing and I don't see why I have to be the only one doing it. And what do we do with all his books from school that have now come home but have nowhere to live (except on his chair and floor).

We are going to do other fun stuff like go kayaking and swimming, visiting friends and kayaking (seeing this is our new hobby and will no longer cost us anything to do except the petrol to get there). However there are some things we just have to do.

So apart from kayaking in our sexy new kayaks (this word is starting to look funny now I have typed it a few times)we are looking for our new acreage so I can have an outdoor shower and roll around on the grass without anyone seeing me :) We are going tomorrow to look at a place that is very promising and looks like the one but we will see. Regardless, we have to start getting this place ready to put on the market.

So that will be our holidays, which is alright as I am not particularly fond of Christmas, I like the idea of it just not all the stress and pressure people put on you and the commercialization. You have to send cards to people you don't normally keep in touch with, give gifts to people you barely know and if you don't well...I don't know, I think that says it all.

I had now best go and get our Christmas boxes out (if I can reach them) as we have just received our first Christmas card today and I had better see if I can find some cards to send one back. I am actually unorganised this year, normally I am, so not sure if I can find the motivation this at this late stage, though in saying that, I do have most of my stuff done, I just have so many other things to think about this year.

All is good though, and I will muddle through as I always do and look forward to relaxing on Christmas afternoon with a glass of wine, maybe in my very, very comfy hammock :)

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