Monday, December 14, 2009

Another beautiful morning here, I know I take photos from about the same spot but doesn't matter, still nice sunrise. It sprinkled only a little and then the sun came out, which reminds me I haven't hung out the washing, oops, best go do that and put another load in.

I know I said we had enough mangoes to share with the bats but I have changed my mind, we seem to be rapidly running out, so I am making more sauce today to help preserve them. The sauce sure tastes good, spicy, and this time I used real garlic, purple spanish garlic to be precise and it tastes yummo.

On Saturday night we went out to dinner with our neighbours for their work Christmas thing, had a great night and our number one and only son was amazed by card tricks, so were we. There was a guy there that in a previous life was a magician or some such thing and what he did was amazing, how he changed a card from one colour and number to another colour and number I have no idea. We tried to pick it but we couldn't, he was a popular guy.

I have realised today that I am just not going to have time to send Christmas cards this year (though I guess I could be doing that rather than writing a blog) so I will just write a letter to everyone in the new year when things have settled down. Can't even think about cards, at the moment I can only think about what I have to do here in my small world, I am not thinking about what is going on outside my front gate, happens sometimes :)

So I had best get on, there are walls to paint and cupboards to clean today and I had better make some bread or the hoards will be hungry :)

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