Friday, December 18, 2009

Live Your Life

Well, what a week, my head is still spinning and I am trying to get my head around it. We have found our green acres, offer accepted, bank giving us lots of money, oops, did we mean that?

So we are moving, we are buying five acres of lovely land with a great shed, built so we can live in it while we build our house (if we can afford it after this).

It has all happened so fast, we were going along looking around, ho hum, not much around that interested us then, bam, there it was. It called to us, and while we were going to wait till after Christmas, what if someone else made a move on our land? Couldn't take the risk, so we moved very, very fast and within two days things were taking off.

Of course things couldn't go too smoothly, some problems with the conveyencer so now have a new one (before the first could do anything), and we also have advice being thrown at us left right and centre and who do you believe. The real estate agent wants to move things forward, the solicitor wants to put things back and the bank doesn't know why we can't proceed as planned. Being Christmas there are public holidays and people away and everyone not really working to speed so who knows if it will go through in the planned time or if it will be put back a little.

So we are going through our stuff and decluttering as we won't have as much space, and we are painting our current house and getting it ready to put on the market, so for a while we will be living on the smell of an oily rag :) However we now have a place that ticks all the boxes (though my partner in crime and life would prefer a place about a thousand times bigger)and it is still close enough for work and school (about 30 mins for each) and I will be able to continue my Tai Chi.

Though I am having visions of all my Tai Chi friends coming up to visit, and we sit around on the veranda drinking tea and eating muffins and thinking about doing Tai Chi, but maybe we'll have just one more cup of tea first :) I think in front of the very pretty dam would be a good place for doing Tai Chi.

I am going to miss my home here, I love this house and the garden (though some of the garden is coming with us) and I will have to start from scratch with the garden and fruit trees up there as there is nothing. They built a great shed to live in with a bed room, bathroom/laundry, toilet (biocycle system) full on kitchen (bigger than my one here) but no gardens or fruit trees (this is beyond my understanding why have five acres if you don't do anything with it?)

This week I have been so busy, doing all the running around, phone calls, some painting and also all the regular stuff like cooking, washing, cleaning etc and today we go sign our life away (again) so we can go live the life we have always dreamed off.

Have to step outside the comfort zone sometimes, take some risks or you don't ever do anything, and one of my biggest fears in this life is getting to the end of it and wishing I had taken those opportunities that came my way, not doing something because of fear. So even though a lot of things make me very anxious, I make myself do them anyway, and regardless of how things turn out, there can be no regrets as I have tried the things I want to do (even if I end up not liking it, I have done it). I think the only regret is if you don't go and do, live life as you were meant to :)

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