Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ready To Go Away

Just busy busy busy here right now, but I am having a break.

The dog went off to the kennels this morning and we are now cleaning everything up, brush cutting, finishing off the little bit of mowing and all that before we head off for a few days to the wedding. I am sure it will be all grown back by the time we return.

The chook pen now has sides and a roof and a door. My partner in crime and life has been working very hard on it, and even our number one and only son wanted to help out.

See the determination?

And my partner in crime and life risked life and limb by climbing on the roof.

The tank is all hooked up and the water pump is now outside. It is SOOOOO quiet inside now we can hardly believe it. Anyway, now we have to hope it rains soon as the tanks are only just over a third full each, which now doesn't seem like much. It seemed like much more water when there was two tanks mostly full :D

I cleaned all the gardens up and put heaps more mulch so they will survive us being away.

I got a bucket of carrots, beetroot, radishes and turnips while I was cleaning up but not all is edible. While we do eat and like radishes and beetroot, we don't eat enough to have that much in the garden and all this has been in the garden too long, so I will be a little lighter on the planting next time. Though most of the beetroot seems alright on the surface so I will just see how they go, cook them up and hope for the best :D

Mind you, I do think this huge beetroot is a bit too far gone :P

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