Saturday, November 6, 2010

Family Wedding

We are back from the family wedding and we had a good time catching up with everyone. The kids have all grown and some have kids of their own, there were people and cars everywhere as we where all staying in the same place, so we got to see it all.

The wedding was beautiful, the beaches gorgeous, the company great and the food magnificent (mainly because we didn't have to cook but also because it was yummy).

So I must share my photos, as everyone looked great and the kids kept rolling around on the floor for our amusement, including distracting the bride while she was supposed to be all serious when the minister was speaking, yes I saw you Mel :D

The bride arriving with her dad in his hot rod, nice car :D

Everyone looked very flash, including the grandparents of the bride (my in-laws).

Even my partner in crime and life and our number one and only son scrubbed up quite well.

This little one I wanted to stuff in my bag and bring home, she is gorgeous.

The bridal party looked great, so young, when did everyone became younger than me :)Just kidding, they did look great though didn't they?

Isn't she beautiful? To think she was flower girl at our wedding and looked beautiful then too, hasn't changed too much really. Oh, and the groom looked alright too :)

Another gorgeous little girl, this was the best photo of her and I followed her around a fair bit trying to get a picture of her in her gorgeous dress but ended up with lots of shots of the back of her :D

Just need to cut the photographer out of this one and it would be perfect :)

Everyone just loves the babies.

The first dance.

Beaches don't get better than this I don't think, no wonder they picked this area to get married.

Not a bad photo of me as we were checking out the sights.

Just one last photo, this is the fish our number one and only son caught. There was a fair bit of fishing, wakeboarding and socialising to fit in around the wedding :D

Well, life goes back to normal this week, no weddings, no jetsetting around the country, my partner in crime and life is back at work and I can get back into some sort of routine until Christmas hits and then it all goes out the window again. Such is life :D

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  1. Lovely photos and the brides dress looks gorgeous KJ, glad you had a fun break xx