Saturday, November 20, 2010

I Grew Food

I grew food :D

I have never grown potatoes before and now I have. Unfortunately I didn't take note of when I put them in so I don't know how long they took, maybe about four months, and they were mostly neglected as I didn't really think they would grow.

My partner in crime and life was happy about this as he was thought that I would only be growing leafy things. However, I have now grown corn, snake beans, tomatoes and cabbages, all of which are now in the freezer, plus a couple of zucchini, spinach, capsicum and sweet chilli, mutant carrots, beetroot, turnips (which were quite easy, I think, I forgot I put in seeds so I think they were easy) and other leafy things.

Potatoes really are the easiest thing to grow and I don't know why I have never done it, I have grown lots of other things, and over the years we have lived in climates that they would grow well in. But I have never grown them.

So next year I am going to plants lots of potatoes, planting them a few weeks apart of course so we can have lovely fresh potatoes, grown organically (grown in dirt, as my partner in crime and life puts it) and with my own two hands.

I was very excited to see I had actually grown potatoes and didn't wait to get my gloves, just dug them up, dirt all over me, don't you just love that dirt feeling on your hands and under your nails, very earthy :D

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