Monday, November 15, 2010

We Have Chooks

Our little chooks arrived on Saturday, not sure how old they are, maybe about 8 -12 weeks old.

I think they may be all different ages, their legs are all different shapes and sizes, though not sure if that is a good way of telling their age, though I think I will run with that, works for me :D

This one is a little rooster like, it is the largest and has the biggest legs, maybe it is just the oldest, that is what we are hoping anyway :)

They are a bit wild and run away every time we go in, and we have been told not to let them out of the pen for quite a few weeks as they will just fly away.

This one is definitely a girl, looks quite girly :)

They have been coming out into the pen, but when we go near they run back into their house, but it is nice to look out the door and see them picking around in the pen. I really think they belong here as they have a nap in the afternoon, that fits right in with me :D


  1. Enjoy them!
    What are you going to do with the ones that turn into roosters?

  2. Enjoyed your post, good pics. As long as i've had this homestead I just can't seem to get into the pic's like I should. I enjoyed yours.

  3. Thanks Frogdancer and Joe. Not sure what we are going to do with any roosters, if there is only one we will keep it, if there are more I think I will just keep wishing them into girls :)