Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Chook Pen

Our chook pen is finished and awaiting it's new residents. We are pretty sure it is snake proof, but you never know until one gets in, but we hope not.

At lot of work was put into it especially by my partner in crime and life, he did more than me, he was determined to have it finished before he went back to work.

We are very happy with it and hope the chooks are too.

I think they will be all snuggly in here, but not too hot as we have left air vents at the top.

We found a guy who sells bales straw mulch for $4 each and we can pick them up from his property only about ten minutes from here. So we can see him any time we need more, which is great.

So the chooks should be arriving this weekend, they are from people we know who live not far away and they have Jungle Fowl. I googled them (the chooks not the people), and it says they are the ancestors of all chooks, they are hardy and I was told they lay medium sized eggs, they are a good looking bird, being all colours. No roosters for us though, not yet, I just have to get used to having chooks and work my way along to getting a rooster :)

So the next thing is getting the room finished for our number one and only son, it is being worked on as we speak, and I will let you know how many disasters there are and how long it takes :D I am sure we will never build anything again after all this. Oh well, such is life, best go have a cup of tea :)


  1. Thats some chook house, you both have done an awesome job with it. It looks so cosy in there, I am sure they will love it.

  2. If I was a chook, I would love to live there!

  3. Thanks Out Back and dreamchasers, hope it keeps the bad guys out :)