Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Teenage Retreat

The teenage retreat is nearly finished. The builders are supposed to be back today (they were also supposed to be here yesterday and the day before) but are not here yet.

At least we can use it, though we can't actually move our number one and only son in until it is completely finished.

So our number one and only son had a friend over for the weekend and the teenager from next door also came down and they spent a lot of time in there playing very loud music and the xbox of course. That was inbetween riding motorbikes.

However, this is what happens when you let teenagers loose, including plates left on the floor which I found this morning that included ants, hope this is not what the future holds. Guess we need to impose some restrictions, though it may have happened because there was a visitor.

We will finish off the inside ourselves, walls, floor coverings, electricity (via an electrician of course), water tanks off the back, a deck off the glass sliding door and a garden down the other side. This will all take some time but at least we are nearly there, it has taken a lot longer than we thought it would.

So the builders just have to turn up and finish the gutters and put in the roof vent and we are good to go :D

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