Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sweet Potatoes and Garden Beds

I have taken a lot of photos but have forgotten to blog about them in the last week so had best do a quick catchup.

The chooks are going along really well and we haven't accidentally killed any of them yet so we must be doing the right things. They do look like they have grown but it is hard to tell, they are still wild, but don't seem to mind if I stand still in the pen, but I am not allowed to move around :)

I have harvested the sweet potato over the weekend and replanted more in more beds. I now have orange and red sweet potato and have been given white sweet potato.

These are all now sweet potato beds, and though they look a bit scrappy at the moment, I will be joining them all up and making a circle and planting more.

I was given this really large paw paw on the weekend but it was a bit too far gone to eat, so yesterday I made paw paw chutney, and it is yummo :D

I have made my final garden row. I was going to make it out of bessa blocks like the others but haven't been able to get seconds so it hadn't happened. When the guy came and put in the roller door for the new room he told me to make raised beds out of the circular cardboard the door came in.

They turned out rather well and I have decided to continue with the cardboard theme. The boxes will be covered with dirt and they won't be seen and will eventually just break down and become One with the earth :D I transplanted out the strawberry plants which were desperate to get out of the pots, and also put in root bound parsley and little chives.

The other thing we were given over the weekend was this very large cucumber, actually we were given two. One to eat and the other to get seeds from, so I planted some out and have dried the rest.

Yesterday I made these lovely coconut biscuits, recipe from my mother-in-law, and they were being eaten off the trays, and I think I will have to make more really, really soon. The inlaws made a huge batch of these biscuits when we went down to the wedding and we ate them all weekend :)

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  1. They look scrummy KJ...any chance of the recipe? Mimi