Wednesday, December 8, 2010

School Holidays

Hard to blog at the moment as we have a new rule for the school holidays, no TV, computers or Xbox between 9am and 5pm. It is too early before 9am and I am tired after 5pm, can't win :D Unfortunately, the rule also applies to the parents, so I am off as well, and my partner in crime and life when he returns home, oh well, it is not so bad.

I decided that during the holidays our number one and only son will not waste his days dribbling out the side of his mouth while frying his brain on these activities. However, not wanting to be the fun police, he can get on at 5pm, and guess what? At 5pm on the dot, he is on the computer. But he has managed to keep himself amused in other ways during the day, so life is not so bad :D

My partner in crime and life is away this week in the Philippines for work so I am working extra hard to keep on top of everything.

I have made Paw Paw sauce and today made Rosella jam, I am also making fly screens for all our windows (there are only six so not too bad) which in theory is simple but in reality is more difficult.

Paw Paw Sauce

One fly screen down :)

I have been mowing and gardening and making heaps of mistakes making the fly screens and it is all very tiring, I have been falling asleep early I am so tired, but I am getting a lot done.

We have lost our Christmas tree in the move so have had to get a new one, not as easy as you might think, a lot of places didn't have Christmas trees, can't figure that one out. Anyway, for the first time, we have a white one and it is not bad, I was a bit resistant at first but it looks alright, we are still decorating it, can't rush these things :D

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