Friday, December 31, 2010

A Little Bit of Reflection

Well, the New Year is upon us and we have had an interesting 2010. We have after many years of dreaming about it, bought our little bit of paradise and have been busy doing all the things we planned.

We have built a large vegetable garden, though still expanding it, an orchard, chook pen and chooks, natives plants and bush tucker, and still more things to come. We still need to work on the inside of our home, and in the new year our number one and only son will be out in his own room, once the lino arrives and we put it in. We fixed the old ride on mower, bought a motor bike and another vehicle, bought more tools, chainsaws and stuff, put in a wood fire for our few weeks of cold, the list is rather long.

Financially we will be having a much slower year in 2011, it will be basically a no spend year except for the things we need and a family wedding to go to, not sure we can do more than that, don't think I want to.

Our dam is full now with the rain we have had and our tanks are nearly there too. We did get rain from Cyclone Tasha that crossed the coast on Christmas morning (the dog came and woke me at 5.30am right when the cyclone was crossing but I told her to go away, I think she knew something) however after that it moved south and the rain stopped. Not so good for others though, and my heart goes out to those who have lost.

With the rain that we had a lot of water sat around the tanks and we tried to find the pipe that had been covered up when the new tank went in, actually I supervised and the men dug. We haven't found it yet but we (as in my partner in crime and life) put in our own drainage just to get the water away.

We are now expecting more rain for the New Year, I certainly wouldn't be going out to celebrate, apart form the fact that I am showing my age by not being able to stay up late, they are predicting rain. Besides, I have been there done that and am now in the can't sleep past 6am stage of my life, very frustrating :-D

For Christmas I got a pasta maker, and it makes great pasta, I have never had fresh pasta before and it is yum. So I that is our new thing for the new year, only making own pasta, doesn't take much time and it is fun.

So I am all ready for the new year. The budget has been reviewed, my new diary is already full of stuff for the new year like the school terms, my partner in crime and life gave me an IPOD dock with speakers for my Tai Chi classes so no more Cd's, yay, I am ready to keep track of all our spending this year and I have many many lists.

So, see you all on the other side of midnight for the start of what will be a great year :D

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