Monday, January 10, 2011

New Years

We are getting into it for the new year and I feel organised.

I had to get the car serviced last Friday, it was a major service and there was a few repairs to be done, so a rather large bill, not quite what I wanted for the start of the New Year but some things just need to be done. We ended up having to stay out all day to get it all finished so we didn't have to go back another day but it was worth it, though the day was incredible long.

We have been very busy just trying to keep up with the mowing, rain and hot days means that the grass is growing about a foot a day, feels like it anyway. Usually by the time we finish the whole place we need to start at the beginning again.

New years day we cooked up a storm by making peach pie, mini apricot pies and biscuits, and they were all very yummy. I made up some custard to go with the pies and froze some of the peach pie for later.

My partner in crime and life made a sweet chilli sauce out of Jalapeno chillies from the garden, apparently very hot but getting slightly milder with time, I am not going to find out personally, I will just take his word for it :D

I have given my garden a huge clean up and the chooks loved it as all the weeds, grass and old plants went to them. It still have a bit to go but it is looking good. I planted rocket seeds and okra seeds, and the rocket has come up and is roaring along.

I have heaps of snake beans and wild cherry tomatoes, and I have a paw paw tree that actually has paws paws on it, I didn't' think it was going to but it has. I think I will move another paw paw that isn't doing too well and put it next to the herb/strawberry row that has developed out of cardboard boxes to give them some shade. Now I just have to get another trailer load of soil :D

I have made another garden and it is down by the creek. The soil is really good down there but it is a long way from the other garden so it is going to be a seasonal garden. Only there when the creek is running. I put in some pumpkin seeds and this will be the pumpkin patch, with a couple of Rosella's and pigeon peas thrown in for good measure, couldn't help myself :P

So hopefully the seeds are viable and will germinate soon and grow lots of pumpkins. I am also thinking about putting in some paw paws down there to, as once they get established they can look after themselves.

Best go do something constructive, might go work out our yearly bills, just because I can and haven't done that for a while, needs looking at :D


  1. Sounds fantastic KJ - would you mind sharing the sweet chilli sauce recipe - its something I am keen to make - keep up the good work!

  2. I will post the recipe soon, just have to ask my partner in crime and life which one he used. It was a simple one though, quite easy.