Friday, January 14, 2011

A Roaring Creek

Well, today the rain made me go out in it. It rained so heavy over a short space of time that a tonne of water went down the drain and into the septic tank and tried to kill it. So after much running around in the rain and a phone call I think it is fixed, well, nearly. The water pump for the shed also stopped working at the same time but I won’t tell you why as you will think I am one of those silly women who can’t do anything or fix anything and that will just ruin my reputation :P

After the rain finally stopped, our number one and only son and I rushed out and planted our new lemon tree in the orchard and our banana plant next to the bore shed. I want to have a banana circle there and will, but if I wait any longer there will just be nothing there, so I bought a banana plant out of my pocket money just to get the ball rolling.

The lemon and banana were looking very sad here so I am glad we got to put them in the ground, just have to get a trailer load of dirt and plant the little natives I also have here.

The creek is absolutely roaring and so high, it is normally very canyon like in appearance but not today, and the noise of it was amazing.

The water was also just pouring down the paddocks and the dam is well and truly overflowing.

Our poor little tanks out the front were just overflowing like crazy.

However I am not complaining at all about any of it, there a lot of people in QLD who are doing it very tough right now, and my heart goes out to all of them, makes you appreciate what you have right now.

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