Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Eggs And Lasgne

Whoever said that it takes three minutes to boil an egg is wrong. It takes at least five minutes to cook the perfect egg with all the whites cooked and a soft yolk. I love boiled eggs but have a lot of trouble getting it just right, my partner in crime and life has said I am like Goldilocks, and that is in regard to more than boiling eggs.

I wish I could say that this is an egg from one of our chooks, but they haven't started laying yet. I am thinking that we have the only chooks ever that don't lay eggs, either that or they are lazy :D They are still cute though.

I made the best lasagna EVER the other day. I made the lasagna sheets with my new pasta maker (fresh pasta is so great and will be even better when we have free eggs to make it with)and a lovely mince mixture and cheese sauce. The mince mixture I just made up, just cooked up the mince with veges and put about 1/2 cup homemade mango sauce in with it, no tomato based sauce at all. Put it all together in layers as usual an there you go, the best lasagna ever :))

I do think we (as in, we as a society) make too many meals based on tomatoes, it gets boring and if you have arthritis like my partner in crime and life, it is bad. So it it nice to make something that is not based on tomatoes and it still tastes good, even though traditionally it should be made with tomatoes. So that is my opinion today to throw out into cyberspace :)

Being Australia Day, and seeing we actually are having good weather, we are going to have a BBQ for lunch. We are going to light the fire over in the fire pit, put my new BBQ plate on it and off we go.

I got lazy and bought chicken kebabs to cook instead of making them (sometimes you just have to do that) and also we are having a lamb chop each. My partner in crime and life tells me that everyone HAS to eat lamb on Australia day, it is a tradition. Never heard that personally before, but I can run with it.

All the rain has been sucked away by the cyclone that developed last week and has now moved away taking the rain with it, so we are left with unusually good weather for this time of year. It apparently won't be lasting though as the cyclone is expected to re-develop and come back north, so we are rushing around mowing while things are a little dry. Just enjoying it while it lasts :)

Our number one and only son went back to school this week, two days at school and then another day off, just to add to the two months he just had off. Hey, why not, doesn't make any difference now anyway :) I think he is going to have a really good year this, he is already looking forward to next year when he is a Senior.

Best go do a little Australia Day cleaning and make some salads for lunch, not too much though, it might interfere with the meat eating :D

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