Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas 2010

We are in either the wind up or the wind down to Christmas, not sure which. We went into town for the last time this week and thank goodness for that, the people are driving me crazy, and I just want to do regular stuff not Christmas stuff. So now can opt out of the craziness for more than a few days.

We have bought a ham from the butchers, which we are sure to pick at constantly, we bought frozen green prawns so we can make lots of prawn things with them, so these are things I am looking forward to.

We haven't got really anything of the rain the rest of the country is getting, or has gotten, just a little, they say it will rain Christmas day but we will just wait and see.

This is what our number one and only son has been up too these holidays so far, making a fish trap to put in the dam

He has also been out motorbike riding with friends, I don't really want to know about all this mud and stuff but that is what the bike is for

We have had some lovely days here, though quite hot during the day and not much rain but just gorgeous in the mornings.

There has been a little fog in the mornings on the tops of the mountains.

We have still managed to keep our chooks alive, there are no eggs yet, maybe in another month. They run to a more natural cycle as they haven't been bred for laying or for meat and so are slower in developing than other breeds, I ran in to the lady we got them from the other day and that is what she said. So I guess we have to hang on for a bit longer, but apparently they live a long time, what ever that is.

I have given away my paw paw sauce and chutney, and they have been well received, also the rosella jam was a HUGE hit apparently so I am happy, and will post up the recipes in the new year.

I have finished Tai Chi for the year, having our Christmas lunch last week, though some people had already gone away and there were a couple of sickies. My partner in crime and life has some time off work so we are also catching up on the heavier stuff around the property.

So I am now hoping to have some time to do some serious reading, I am reading a lot of environmental/self sufficiency/no spending books, so next year we can do more of all those things. I think I need to make some more lists on these things, I already have made lists of things we can do in various areas, but feel the need for more, I like lists, maybe I will post some of them just so people can see how really crazy I am :-D

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