Monday, October 4, 2010

Chest Freezer

Here we are in October and staring down the barrels at Christmas. It will be interesting to see if the retailers have a good Christmas or not, they are already complaining due to the interest rate rise we are expected to get tomorrow. Hope we don't but we probably will, could really do without it.

Rate rise will kill Christmas: retailers

Thought we might have had the cement poured today on the new room, but no-one has turned up yet so I guess it is too wet, unless they come later. The rain is good for our tanks though so I won't complain too much :)

I finally got around to defrosting and organising our large chest freezer, and it didn't take as long as I thought and wasn't as traumatic either :D I now have shopping bags in there with everything sorted into groups. One bag has frozen veges from the garden, one has frozen bought veges, one has slices and cakes etc and two has bread products bought and homemade.

Yes there is two bags of bread stuff, bought loaves, wraps, pita bread, homemade bread. All of which got lost in the bottom of the freezer, so now I don't have to make or buy any bread for a while, guess we will be having lots of grilled cheese on toast :)

The bag idea came from the Simple Savings site, and it makes it easy to move things out of the way to see underneath as you just grab the handles and move. I have been meaning to this for months and of course never did, but I am in bit of an organisation mood at the moment so just got in and did it.

More things from the garden will be ready to pick soon, like these cucumber. Hopefully more zucchinis soon too and I really should pick the cabbage and freeze them.

Of course we seem to have multitudes of tomatoes, and I didn't think we would, they are popping up everywhere.

Since I have started my new garden here, I have been working out what I easily grow from seed and what I have to buy seedlings of. The things that grow the best from seed (for me) are pumpkin, cucumber, zucchini, tomatoes, radishes (of course), so I need to make a proper list so I don't waste my money on seeds that won't grow for me.

And here I accidentally made a wheels on the bus out of my table and chairs when I moved them to mow :D

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