Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pressure Cooker

Doesn't time just fly along, must only be about 10 weeks till Christmas and that doesn't sound like very long to go. Which means our number one and only son will be on school holidays (again)and the wet season should be fully under way.

This also means I really need to be thinking about what I am going to be able to grow over the wet. I have just put in some more cucumber seeds and am hoping it won't be too hot for them, I think it is already too hot for the zucchini.

The capsicum and sweet capsicum/chilli seem to be about to flower again and I really need to pick the cabbages that are out there and blanch and freeze them. The corn seeds didn't come up at all and it may have been the seeds, not sure on the quality, so next year might just stick with seedlings, that was a huge success and we now have lots of corn in the freezer.

We certainly have had some strange looking vegetables come out of the garden, and of course there was the stuff we didn't pick. Like the radishes that I planted heaps of, and we do like but don't eat much of, they grew huge and became rather hot :) We also have the biggest beetroot in the world in the garden, it is something we like but don't have very often.

Today I am going to clear one square in the garden and plant some more snake beans, they grow well all year and we use a lot of them, apart from all the ones that get eaten straight off the plants.

Our newest cooking appliance has very quickly become a huge hit in our home. We bought a pressure cooker a few weeks ago and it is so great. Can have hot meals using less energy, less time and without heating up the house, a huge bonus up here in the tropics.

This pot of meatballs was made using the same recipe as I use for cooking in the oven, but instead of cooking for about 1 1/2 hours, it only took about 20 min in the pressure cooker :D

Have just had a new book arrive in the post (just love that online shopping for those hard to acquire things) called Not Buying It by Judith Levine. There is a thread on the Simple Saving forum about no spending for a year, only essentials, and I think we are going to do this as we have had a huge spending year this year. Everything we have bought this year has been essential as we set up our property but it will be nice to have it out of the way and not spend on anything much and just regroup, so we are practicing till the end of the year. So to keep motivated I will be keeping up with thread and reading the book, and now I have put it out there in cyberland we are just going to have to do it, just as well a chook pen is essential and will built shortly :D

Only problem now is I have to convince myself that books are a non-essential. My other recent acquisition is a book called Food Inc, about the film of the same name, which is about the food industry and what we are eating. So now I am torn between which book to read first, and may just go with reading both at the same time. I now also have to convince myself that books are non-essential, except knowledge is power and these type of books are on subjects that are close to my heart, especially Food, Inc, we really need to know about our food and what we are putting into bodies.

Before I start going on and on, I best go and make some ice blocks, and go and find out about Jack fruit, my partner in crime and life has decided he wants to have a Jack fruit tree, so I need to find out how big they are :))

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