Monday, October 4, 2010

My Tree Broke

My Tree Broke

Just have to post this, having a quiet read in the bed and hear a soft sound, the dog barks and our number one and only son gets up and says he saw a branch fall down at the creek.

Couldn't be anything too big surely, so I wandered on over to the creek across the paddock and couldn't see anything as it is all green. Until I realise that part of the green is tree branches.

My lovely ghost gum lost a branch, a big one. I love this tree, it is beautiful,so tall and strong (except for that branch).

Here is my tree and you can see the broken branch on the left.

And here is the branch in the creek :(

There are also branches up the other side of the creek. I see some work ahead for us cut up all this timber, and clearing the creek before the wet comes and there is a torrent of water racing down the creek. At least we will have wood for the fire next year, hopefully it will be seasoned by then.

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