Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Outdoor Shower

We have started to fix our outdoor shower and it is now half done. New bamboo screens have been put up and two more to go and these ones should last the distance. Then all I have to do is put some linseed oil on them for a bit of protection and then check for frogs living in the pipe and we are good to go.

I have been seed saving some of the seeds from the good looking vegetables we have been growing and have got various tomatoes, capsicum and sweet chilli and I will have snake beans. Also friends have given me pumpkin and chilli and so have saved these seeds too. I am also going to try and seed save from the cucumbers too, all the seeds are from plants that were organic seeds in the first place, can't save seeds from the ones that are not organic or heirloom as they most likely won't germinate as they have been sterilised.

So the seeds I buy are only organic or heirloom and I will not buy the others, though I did recently buy corn seeds that were from another brand (can't remember which one), I bought them because I wanted to grow corn from seed and couldn't find any organic seeds. When I opened the packet the seeds were all pink, I nearly died from the colour, so I thought I will plant them anyway, and not one came up. Won't be doing that again, lesson learned, even though I knew I shouldn't have bought them in the first place :D

We have been mowing this week, just to tidy up the weeds really, so the property is looking all neat so I thought I would go out and take some up-to-date photos.

The orchard is going along well and in a few years we should have a decent amount of fruit, I hope.

The Brazilian Cherry has had stacks of flowers and is now starting to get fruit and there are couple of mangoes on the small mango tree but not sure if they will stay on.

The dam is starting to get a bit low but there are lots of lilies on it and it still looks great. There are still some flowers out and they are very pretty.

We can walk across the gully now but it won't be long till the rains start in earnest and that will disappear again.

I apologise for the photos being all over the place, I only remembered half way through that they were on the left and started moving them to the centre. Because I just hit all the buttons without looking I still managed to miss moving some even when I did remember, that's life :D

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