Friday, October 22, 2010

Building The Chook Pen

We have had such a busy week this week, building our chook pen and putting our new water tank in place as well as all the usual things. My partner in crime and life is on leave for a few weeks so we have this long list including flying to Sydney next week for a few days for a family wedding.

The chook pen is coming along well, though it is taking longer than we thought as we are building the Fort Know of chook pens to keep out all the snakes. We are trying to sew up all the gaps and making it very secure so it is taking a bit of time, but it will be good when finished.

Here is my partner in crime and life looking rather grotty and about had enough for the day.

We used new poles and wire and then tried to source secondhand building materials fro the rest. We got iron and timber lengths for across the roof to hold up the wire, and also pavers which are going on top of the wire in a trench around the edges outside the pen to stop things digging under the sides.

We needed to put some poles in the centre to hold up the timber going across that holds up the wire, so my partner in crime and life ended up getting some bamboo poles the exact right height. They were pretty cheap and look good too.

We had our new water tank arrive on Tuesday, it got dropped near where it was going to be placed but of course it was up to us to move. As it turns out it is nearly the same size as the other tanks but is as different shape, shorter and wider, it was ordered through the same company but they changed suppliers. So we pushed and pulled it into place with the truck, we jacked it up to put crusher dust under it to raise it and then I lost the will to live as I am not meant to be doing such hard work all day :D

My partner in crime and life commented that if we were regular people we would just pay someone to move the tank into place, but as we are not regular people we use the truck and straps and rope and jacks and shovels and do it the REALLY hard way :-)

We still have work to do on the tank, mainly tidying up, getting more crusher dust and filling in some low spots.

Then we will be getting it connected to the other tanks and also getting our water pump moved outside of the house, it is rather loud when it is working and we are over it now.

My partner in crime and life also scored an old mower from the tip, the guy running the tip said he never saw him take it :) It is the same brand as our ride on, though a different model, but we will be able to take parts off it that will fit on ours. This is good for us as we have already spent a small fortune fixing out mower, so any future savings will be great.

Well, best go and do some of that work that my body was never meant to do and that reminds me about all those muscles that I don't normally use and were never meant to be used :P

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  1. The chook house is looking good. Nice and big for the girls.
    We (I mean hubby) dug corrugated iron in the ground around our chook pen to stop the foxes digging in for a free feed and so far it has worked. It also has a tiny trapdoor that we let the girls out during the day and then shut down at night.

    Your little patch of paradise is pretty, and coming along nicely.

    Have a great day,