Monday, October 25, 2010


Had fog this morning, but this of course means a beautiful day. There are two loads of washing swinging around on the line, the plumbers are coming out today to check out the new tank and will probably back tomorrow to connect it all up.

We have had some snakes around recently, I nearly trod on one coming in the door last week and we have come upon others. My partner in crime and life found a dead brown snake just up the road and it was very large, neither of us have seen one so big.

The water tank is looking good and very neat and we are looking forward to having that hooked up and then filling with water. Mind you, we have had a bit of rain in the last week and the other tanks are very full, yes we are excited about water :P

With the rain, the dam has been slowly creeping up the banks and this photo is looking from the gully towards the dam. The water has actually been running down from the road, and when the dams overflow during the wet we will also get water from the dam next door.

With all the rain and warm weather the garden is going well and so are the weeds. This basil has gone mad and I must do some seed saving.

The snake beans are also coming along nicely but I must mulch them heavily before we go away as there will be no-one to water them, I am sure the garden will be fine. Just hope for a little rain to get them all through :D

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