Monday, August 2, 2010

A Busy Weekend

It was a very busy weekend. Our number one and only son had a birthday party Friday night and Saturday, and my partner in crime and life worked most of the weekend.

Where the party was held was just lovely. The property is 125 acres and finishes at the river. What a perfect place for teenage boys to be, running around the bush, swimming in the river, eating home grown food and generally having a great time. These parents are braver than me though, I couldn't do it.

I went out there on Saturday for the BBQ on the river and it was the best place to be. The river is low at the moment so the boys could walk across to the other side and muck around in the mud and do boy things. They all had a great time, and us adults got to enjoy the magnificent view of the bush and river.

We cut up some more wood yesterday for our fire but we haven't been lighting it as it hasn't been cold, though it is tempting to light it just because we can. At least we have some wood ready to go, which may be today as it is a little cool, so I think I will get it all ready.

My partner in crime and life came home for Sunday afternoon and he helped me get my fourth garden going. I still need some more dirt as two squares are not filled yet, so I will do that some time this week.

I have finally got some beans on and I think I will pick them today and put them in our meal tonight (whatever it is we are having). These are snake beans, though some people call them long beans.

I have also discovered some little tomatoes on the plants which is quite exciting, though the cherry tomatoes haven't got any yet but are full of flowers. We were given some tomatoes on the weekend which taste gorgeous (all home grown stuff is), and seeing the price of tomatoes is going to go through the roof shortly due to the crop poisoning, home grown is what most people are going to be eating

The corn is also progressing and is feathering at the top (whatever that means), don't know very much about growing corn, but ours is looking great.

The little mullberries are going well with a small leaf growing too, not sure what they are going to do but we will see. At least it is growing and I can see the buds of more new leaves coming on :D

The cabbages have been eaten by caterpillars, and some things are so big they are over shadowing other stuff. The garden is quite disorganised but seeing it is a new garden I just wanted to get as much in as possible and see what would grow (which really is everything). So I think I will continue on this wild path because I like it, and I have more plans in my head which I hope to work on soon :)

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