Friday, July 30, 2010


The week has flown by and so has the month, August is knocking on the door and before we know it Christmas will be here. I really don't like the commercial hype surrounding Christmas (and Mothers Day and Fathers Day and Easter.... well, you get the point). Every year I try and think of gifts I can make at home to give and I really struggle as I am not very imaginative or talented. Lots of things haven't worked very well over the years but there is something in me that wants to keep persevering.

So I will again do chocolatey things, I have started on some coat hangers (of course I HAD to get new wool for this, just to add to the collection) and I am not sure what else. I need to do some research (very soon) for some ideas, and they must be things that don't take too much time as I have a very short attention span :D

My Granny rug is coming along really well, the idea was to use up wool but I have found that I have a LOT of wool. It is keeping me warm as I crochet, though I am currently only doing one row per night as it is big enough that is takes a while to get around.

I actually pulled real food out of the garden the other day, some bok choy, radishes, carrots, and beetroot. The bok choy went into a gorgeous chicken soup, and the next night the carrots and radishes went in to a salad. Very yum. Haven't used the beetroot yet but will soon.

The tomato bushes are like Triffids (just love that book) and look like they will pick up their roots and start walking. I tied them up to the stakes but there was really no need to as the stems are so thick they just stand by themselves. And of course the smell of tomato plants when you brush the leaves with your hand is just gorgeous.

Today I went and bought some more blocks for the next garden row. I haven't done one for a while as they had no reject blocks. They didn't today either, but they had the ones inbetween rejects and good, so I got those, otherwise I could be waiting a while. So now over the weekend I will go and get some garden soil, I find it quite exciting planning what I will plant next, funny the things you find exciting as life goes on :P

The rosella and pumpkin seedlings are coming along really well and it will be good when they start to get some bulk on them. Talking about bulk, the other day the little mulberry tree, which has four leaves on it, was growing what I thought was new leaves. Turns out they were mulberries, little tiny ones, very cute, hope some new leaves follow :)

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