Monday, July 26, 2010

A Weekend In Cooktown

We have been away for the long weekend to Cooktown and it was good to have a break from our routine and our regular life.

We packed up the trusty truck, of course forgetting many things as you do, but at least we had the important things like the tent, camp beds, sleeping bags, pillows and food. We really could have taken more pillows just to be more comfortable, rain coats would have been handy, an extra plate and the stand for the gas stove. There was more we forgot but nothing that made a big impact.

We just wandered on up, not rushing anywhere, enjoying the fact that we didn't have to be anywhere, do anything, not on any schedule, not being in mobile range and just enjoying the scenery.

It was really windy in Cooktown and it rained, the tent nearly blew away and that is no joke. Luckily being a modern tent it bends in the wind, and it really bent, it was really, really windy. The weather did mean that we couldn't be outside too much and we spent some time in the tent, but it didn't really matter too much as we were just relaxing. Cooktown is apparently the second windiest place in Australia but no-one could tell us where the windiest place was, and it is hard to imagine anywhere windier.

We went to the museum which was interesting, of course being mainly about Captain Cook, but also the Gold Rush and the major part that the Chinese played in the area. There was also a great view from the verandah over Cooktown and the Endeavour river.

We tried to go up to the lookout but they are doing work up there and we were stopped on the way up. We did get out of the car and nearly got blown off the hill it was so windy, it was really strong, but good views.

We had good views from various mountains in the truck.

As soon as we left Cooktown the weather improved, the wind died and no rain. We just went slow going home too, and stopped at Little Annan River, just because we could. It is a really nice spot and the water is really clean, which is something you don't get everywhere.

We came home to 5 1/2 mm in the rain gauge and by this morning there was 10 mm. I was worried that some things in the garden might keel over but not at all, in fact some pumpkin seeds have popped out and also the rosellas have come through. Though the wind break at the rosella garden broke in the wind so I need to fix that.

So now it is time to get back into it. Gardens to fix and weed, washing to try and dry, tents to try and dry, wood to collect and try and dry. My partner in crime and life reluctantly went back to work this morning, not knowing when his next day off will be, so having a weekend away was really important for him. Our number one and only son also reluctantly went back to school, he had a good weekend but was glad to get home.

Time to get back into it I suppose, but I think maybe one more cup of tea may be in order, just so I can phych myself up :D

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