Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Some Cooking and Crochet

Time does get away when you are busy and it is Wednesday already, the weeks are just flying. It has been nearly a week since my last post, and I didn't intend for it to be that way.

I have started a granny blanket to use up all the wool I have, I have stacks and there is a lot I can't use for anything else. However, we now live where we can use blankets so that is just fine with me, and as I am crocheting I am keeping my legs warm :)

It is my birthday today and so I have been working, no rest for the wicked :) At least I won't have to cook tonight as we are going out, so we are all looking forward to that, pity I still have to do the dishes from my cook up this morning. Our lovely number one and only son thinks I should do nothing today (and he should stay home from school to celebrate), however there is too much to do, washing, cooking all those sorts of things. I did spend yesterday in town and when I do then nothing gets done a home.

So I have just put into the oven my birthday cake (the round tin), banana bread (the rectangle tin) and chocolate brownie slice (the other two tins). We did make banana bread and chocolate brownie slice the other day, but when I was out yesterday the dog decided she needed them and got the containers down and ate them. She wasn't even sorry either. I am really looking forward to these coming out of the oven.

So I will be freezing this lot, which is what I normally do anyway as it then will last and not go stale or mouldy, and they will also be out of reach of the dog.

I took some photos of our fire one night. It looks pretty good in the dark and a really good thing to do is sit in the dark and watch it while drinking a port :P

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