Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tree Cutting

Another tree came down the other day, was a rather large one and it didn't want to fall, and when it did come down it didn't quite fall where we wanted. The new chainsaw works well and we are so glad we got it.

The timber from this tree is gorgeous and it is a shame that we are going to burn it. My partner in crime and life said it is blood wood, and when dry it is a light red colour and when wet it is a beautiful dark red.

The tree got wedged around another tree and it got stuck but I eventually we will cut it out.

Our number one and only son is away on a school camp for a couple of days and he is going to have a really good time. He is hoping to do archery and raft building and he really doesn't want to participate in the talent show (neither would I). So we are having a quiet time together at home, while doing all our stuff that keeps us busy :)

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