Monday, July 5, 2010

Our First Tree For The Fire

We cut our first tree on the weekend to fuel the fire. We only have a couple of dead trees to remove and we don't have much hardwood either, which is what we have to burn in the fire.

The tree really didn't won't to fall and my partner in crime and life had to cut it a couple times to make it go, so there was a bit of running in and out to give it a push.

In the end it did come down but not with the big crash that was expected (by me anyway), it actually came down bit by bit.

The tree had been eaten out through the middle by termites, but there was still plenty of timber for us.

So while my partner in crime and life was cutting it up, our number one and only son and myself split the logs with our new axes, so we now have a little wood pile happening. Though we do need a lot more wood than that to keep us going.

We also killed the chainsaw, so this week we are going to buy a new one. Our current one is electric, and we had to take the generator down there in the back of the truck so we could use it.

So our new chainsaw will be petrol, which we really need as the next tree we are going to cut is a fair bit larger and a bit further back. Being mobile is important, and being attached to a generator by a very long extension cord and dragging it through our bush is not a good look :P After we cut the next tree, I am not sure if there are anymore dead trees on our place to cut so we may have to buy wood but we will go searching a bit more first, though there are not as many trees on our place as it first seems :)

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