Monday, August 16, 2010

A Very Foggy Morning

Very foggy morning today, it was quite a heavy one too, and when I walked past the bush down the back it sounded like a light rain with all the water dripping through the leaves. It wasn't so cold and the day has cleared up to another lovely one.

The washing is out in the morning sun and there is plenty of work to do.

Our number one and only son went to a friend's over the weekend and took his new motorbike. We had some drama getting there, we thought the bike was secure in the trailer but with all the bumping around on the rough roads the bike tipped and then fell over. So here I am with our number one and only son trying to tie down the bike off the side of a rather narrow road and hoping no-one came along, the return trip home the next day was better as we had a different plan.

The boys had a great time, there is 125 acres and lots of tracks, so he got lots of riding done (and dropping the bike, running into trees and that sort of thing) they had a great time. I think he was still thinking about it this morning as he forgot his sports gear for school, guess he will muddle along :)

I have little broccoli growing, it is taking a long time but it is getting there, it is very exciting. I have six plants and all are growing great.

Well I have a long list of things to do, all listed in my new IPOD Touch. It is a great thing to organise your life and to play on, gotta love technology and all it can do, pity it can't do the dishes or make the beds :D

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