Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Moon Is Round

The moon is round. I know, most of us are aware of that fact, but how often do you actually look at it and last night was the full and it was very in your face, large and round, pretty spectacular.

Speaking of the moon, many people swear to planting their gardens by the moon, no, they are not gardening in the middle of the night but by the waxing and waning of the moon. It is like how the tides of the oceans rise a fall depending on the gravitational pull of the moon, I think, and due to plants having a high water content they are also influenced by the moon.

It sounds way more scientific than my method, which is just chuck it in the ground and hope for the best, I really am a lazy gardener and the only reason I have been working so hard out there is to establish them. When they are established it will just be maintenance, and as long as we keep eating out of it all will be good ;)

Speaking of the garden, we have gotten our first couple of cherry tomatoes, not many yet, but I am sure the rest will ripen together and we won't know what to do with them all. My partner in crime and life can't eat them as they make his arthritis worse so he will be no help, at least our number one and only son likes them so I will just pile them up on his plate :D

The corn is also getting large, and I think the second lot has overtaken the first lot and they look like they might be better. The second lot seem to have larger corn then the first, and the plants look much healthier, not sure what I did different.

I have finally put in reticulation through the garden rows, even though I haven't yet made the fifth row. It was just taking far too long everyday to water so it was really necessary, just have to add on when I have done the last row and then do some tweaking. For the time being at least I can water and take the washing off the line at the same time.

I think I have finished my granny rug, it didn't use up as much wool as I though it would so I think I will have to do another one(or five), especially as I found more wool the other day. I am going to back it with material, I am sure I have some somewhere in a box or something :D

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