Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I Want To Linger By The Fire

I have now officially become one of those people who move their laptop around so they can access it under in any circumstances. I have moved mine to sit on my little stool in front of the fire as it is too cold at the table. It was 11 degrees this morning at 7.15am according to my car, so when I got home again at just after 7.30am I put another log on. My partner in crime and life very kindly relit it early when he got up.

We had a fog yesterday morning and it was cold then too, but this morning is colder. Though yesterday I also had a Tai Chi class so I couldn't linger near the fire like I am this morning, and the kettle is also keeping hot on top of the fire for all the cup of teas I will no doubt drink this morning :D

Some of our natives are flowering beautifully right now and I will certainly be planting more of these in the future.

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