Friday, August 13, 2010

It is Cold In The Tropics

I seriously considered not getting up this morning as it was so cold, nine degrees at 7.15am according to the car. They say that we have at least one more morning like this and then (I think) it should warm up again.

I was going to do more garden stuff today but I really need to catch up on the other things like dragging some timber across the paddock to cut up so we can get through another cold night :)

Our water tanks are holding out very well but it has been a bit of work to keep it like that, I really still want to shower every day. So I have been bucketing in bore water to the washing machine and making sure that everyone has short showers. One day it would be nice to have a small tank for bore water that is connected to the washing machine and toilet, but until then I will be bucketing in water and waiting for the wet season and the big tanks to be overflowing. At least I don't have to worry about going to the gym or anything like that, I am developing some nice arm muscles and good core strength :D

This week I have been breaking in new work boots, and they are now becoming so comfortable that I want to wear them all the time. I really need to get some clothes that work with gum boots and work boots, I rarely wear anything else. Our number one and only son also got a pair of the same boots for on the motor bike, however all this shoe wearing means we are going through lots and lots of socks, and I have discovered that not all socks are equal :(

We ate some mutant carrots the other day, strange looking but tasty, and homegrown so food miles are about 15 paces, and organic, no pesticides (so that doesn't explain the weird mutations).

The rest of the garden is also going well, we have some little corn developing and we are looking forward to those. The stick mulberry tree is also going great guns, with little mulberries on it and new leaves. There are also the tomatoes, little capsicums, cabbages (though not sure how these are going turn out) and I have planted more carrots, beetroot and onions (another first for me).

There is just a bit everything in so we will end up eating in bits and pieces, but if the pumpkin takes off, we will be having lots of pumpkin.....eventually :)

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