Monday, August 9, 2010

It's OK If You Can't Do It All

I think I have caught up with myself. I was so tired last week and I think I was just trying to do it all without giving myself a break and saying to myself it is OK if I can't get it done. Didn't help that I had to go into town three times during the week and so lost those days.

I have finally caught sight of the snake that the dog has been going on about for the last four or five days. I knew it was there but couldn't see it, but this morning I did, it is going around the edges of the roof and you can hear it moving against the tin as it slithers along. It looks like a green tree snake, very cute and fairly long.

We bought our number one and only son a motor bike last week, we did promise him and despite some reservations on my part I had to say yes. I have had a good while to get used to the idea, besides, we get to ride it too and it is fun.

I really must work on the garden this week seeing I didn't have time last week, more seeds to put in and some more garden beds to make. I have the fifth row to make and I plan to (maybe not this week but soon) have another pumpkin patch, paw paw mound, banana circle and when I paint the containers (at least one side) that is where I will put the passionfruit. I had really get a move on with the painting as I already have two passionfruit plants that are in little pots and climbing through the garden.

Had a lovely sunset last night, there were some dark clouds around and the sun was shining through and made it all look gorgeous.

And while we are a little lower in the valley and are in the shade (great in the summer), the top of the hill over the way was bathed in the last of the golden sun.

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